Ideas for a Courageous Life





Stephen is most at home in a creative space working on art, film, music, or writing. His adventures have taken him to 38 countries around the world where he has worked in a wide range of business and humanitarian endeavors. He is currently traveling the US writing his 7 Dares books.



For the first time in human history most of us suffer from information overload and option fatigue. It's not that we can't find our way in the world, but that we find so many ways we are immobilized by over stimulation. Stephen is ultimately looking to simplify his life and thinking... to focus on what really matters... on those few ideas that inspire the best in him.  You are invited to join in this daring journey as we are reminded over and over and over to align, create, connect, dominate, discover, excel, and serve.


What are the 7 Dares?

Dare to Align

You are not interchangeable with any other person on this planet, you are a unique one-of-a-kind  individual. You’re going to have to find your own path… In order to fulfill your potential there must be an alignment between your strengths, values, and vision.



Dare to Create

You are a creative being on a creative journey while on this planet. It is only through creative expression that you understand yourself fully and are able to interface with others. Don’t be a boring copy! Choose your canvas and paint your masterpiece. 



Dare to Connect

Your heart will die if left in solitary confinement. You need connection - not just shallow interactions - but deep intimate and inspired connection. It takes courage to be vulnerable enough to share life fully - to be loved and respected. 


Dare to Dominate

You control a kingdom - a realm of resources, talents, and connections. A daring life requires an incessant focus to manage and develop your domain. Everything you influence is moving toward GROWTH and ORDER!


Dare to Discover

There is a universe of possibilities waiting to be discovered. Through the books you read, the people you meet, and the places you travel you learn. Each new insight tells you something about how the world could be AND reflects on your personal potential. 


Dare to Excel

To master any art form is to understand every art form. You must dedicate yourself to an endless journey of personal development. Choose a craft that will stretch you to your personal best. Excellence is a race without a finish line but trophies for every lap.


Dare to Serve

The measure of a life is the service it provides to humanity. Your life can shape history. You can leave a legacy that impacts for millennia. Allow yourself to go beyond just surviving and lead humanity forward!